Friday, Nov. 7
I have updated the Creativity Unleashed page to reflect the changes on Darren's site.
More pictures have been added of my babies. They are so cute!!
I've even added another poem or two.

Friday, Oct. 17
I added a link. See if you can find it.
I also added an Enterprise section and came clean about my Trip/T'Pol addiction.
There's been some cosmetic changes too. Did you spot them?

Wednesday, Oct. 8 (Stephanie Zimbalist's birthday)

I had forgotten a section of my A Woman Is poem. It has now been added.
On the Tanya Tucker page, I have added another CD to the Extended Discography, plus I have added album cover graphics for both Complicated and the boxed set.

Saturday, Sept. 20
Some links have been added to the
Links Page.
There's also a new, Enterprise centred, sneak peak.
And if you like checking out little personality quizlets on the Net, I think you'll like my brand new Quizlets Page.

Thursday, Sept. 11
I changed the title page a bit, and I've added yet another section. It's poetry! I'll bet you didn't know I wrote peotry. There are a couple of peoms on the page to paruse (is that spelled right??); four of them were already on the site, but two are brand new (well, to the page that is.) Check them out and let me know what you think.
Also, another new story has been added to The Write Stuff page. Check it out here and at Darren's page.

Wednesday, Sept. 3 (Finally a new update!!!)
I added another Sneak Peak. This one is for a story called "The Adventure Club : The Ring".
I've also updated the Write Stuff: Creativity Unleashed page because new stories have been added.
Summer vacation was nice, but it's good to be back. :)

Thursday, June 19
I added some educational links.
I also added another story to the Stargazer page.

Wednesday, June 18
A couple of minor changes to the main page.
I also added more pictures of my babies.

Saturday, June 14
The Write Stuff: Creativity Unleashed section has added a new story synopsis to reflect changes on that page.
The sneak peek page has been changed somewhat to accomadate more sneak peeks.

Friday, June 6
I added an original fiction section.