I have been a Trek fan for over ten years. It all started when I began university in 1992, and I came across Star Trek : The Next Generation. The episode was "Remember Me", and it made me a definite and immediate TNG fanatic. Soon after I became I Trek fan, I became a Trek 'Shipper. This was an unintentional side effect of my induction into Trek fandom.

My list of favorite Ships are as follows: For TNG, it was Beverly and Will (a very strange pairing, I'll admit, but I saw the Trill episode before I even knew the character names, and as an impressionable new watcher, I could never get the image of Will and Bev out of my mind); for DS9, it was Kira and Julian; for Voyager, it was Janeway and Chakotay.

Now we're on to a new Enterprise series. I was not surprised that I became a Shipper during the very first episode. My Ship of choice: Trip and T'Pol. Before I started watching Enterprise, I didn't even like Vulcans, so imagine my bemusement when I discovered that one of my two favorite Ent characters was of this race. I just love Trip and T'Pol, and I can't help it. As yet, I've only got one (and this is just a ficlet) Trip/T'Pol story written, but I'm hoping that there are many to come in the future. If you're interested, please read the story below:

Longevity (Rated G)

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