The Stargazer

Almost ten years ago (my gosh, has it been that long already???), a group of Star Trek fans--led by a guy known as Darren Blake--put together a Star Trek newsletter that they called the Stargazer. It was a forum for discussion about all things Trek and because the group was so small, they had a lot of fun. Eventually that same group decided that it would be interesting if they created their own Galaxy Class Starship. They each got to create a character, which was loads of fun, and then--after agonizing deliberations--decided to call the starship...The Stargazer. Fic was written using these characters and much fun was had by all. Unfortunately, the newsletter has now died but the stories still live on. On this page, I plan to publish mine.

The original lead characters that you may run into on this page:

Captain Darren Blake--a good man and a good captain, who nevertheless fights insecurity and self doubt.
Commander Tanya Reed (my character and therefore the character most of my stories are about, first officer)--a fun loving young woman who is overly prone to informality, even with her superiors. She had a very strange background as part of a group of traveling entertainers who try to keep alive the memory of country music (which died out in the mid 21st century)
Lt. Commander T'Sura(tactical)--a Vulcan woman who is secretly part Romulan. Outwardly, she is as calm as any Vulcan but at time she suffers inner turmoil
Counselor Mikhos To Pherei(ship's counselor)--a man who is half Andorian and half Betazoid. Because of an accident in time, he has been brought forward from the time of James T. Kirk. He is a nice, unassuming man who at times has a ferocious temper. Mostly, he is calm and rather shy.
Lt. Ulric Tor (chief engineer)--Half Romulan, half human. His mother was a human woman captured by Romulans and then kept as a slave. As a child, he saw his father kill his mother, and it caused him to hate his father. He also became bitter from the experience. When he was older, he defected and joined Starfleet Academy. He has to fight prejudice daily and it makes him very angry.
Lt. Jami Sinclair--(chief of security)
Doctor Tyler Lount--(CMO)A very sad man trying to work through the disappearance of his wife and child
Ensign Brittany Storm--(pilot) very shy half Alurian, insecure, mother of two
Lt. Victoria Simmons
Ensign Kathryn Mayes --(transporter chief) very, very volatile, she's angry all the time, athletic too

Also, please forgive the sentimentality in these stories. I was going through a touchy-feely period in my writing. If you have problems with sugar, please be forwarned.


Realizations (Rated G)
This story is actually by someone else. Her name is Charlynn Smith, and she did a great job.

The Meeting II (rated G)
The Stargazer crew meet each other

The Pact (rated PG)
Tanya and Darren make the decision that allows the Stargazer to be (This one's a little cheesy, but it was meant to show their innocence. And I don't think the River analogy works, but I did when I wrote it...)

How We Met (rated PG)
Ever wonder how Tanya and Darren met? Here's your answer.

You Can't Lose Me (rated PG)
Only one person can help Tanya through the hardest time in her life, and that's Darren.

Friends (rated PG)
Darren declares he thinks love is for the birds, then he meets an angel.

"It's Never Easy to Say Good-Bye" (rated PG)
Tanya returns the favor by helping Darren through the hardest time in his life.

Not Everyone Will be Happy When Voyager Comes Home (rated PG)
Young Lt. Stadi can't wait to be off on Voyager, hunting criminals in the bad lands. Little does she, or her friends, know she won't be coming home.

The Letter (rated PG)
One of Tanya's more interesting weekly letters.

Birthday (rated PG)
Darren never forgets Tanya's birthday

Destinies (rated PG)
From the "What if" series: If Tanya and Darren met twelve years later, would they still be friends?

Birthday of the Captain (with Miguel Abadia) (rated PG)
On Darren's first birthday on the Stargazer, Pheros and Tanya want to do something special.

Diplomacy: The Most Boring Part of Being a Starfleet Officer (My favorite story and the hardest to write because it actually has a plot--Rated PG)
Diplomatic missions hold no interest for Tanya, including the one to Oranth Prime. But this is no regular diplomatic mission.

Discoveries (rated PG)
Trapped on a planet, waiting for death, Tanya and Brittany share experiences.

Journey Through time (My least favorite, rated PG)
A convuluted time travel story.

Graphic from Star Ship Modeler.