My pets

Meg and Tucker

Please be patient. These are quite large and may take a moment to load...

This is my dog, Tucker, in her favorite chair.

This is my kitty Meg.

Here is Meg and Tucker together.

And here is Meg alone again. Isn't this a cute picture?

Meg never passes up a moment to hog a chair.

But Tuck never minds laying on the floor.

Meg also gets a little curious at times.

Being bad all day sure makes a girl tired.

When was the last time you saw a dog with colors like this? I think Tuck is the prettiest dog there is.

This is Meg and Tucker together again. (I made a mistake and inverted this picture. As you can see in the other pictures of Meg, her black eye is on the other side. What can I say, but 'oops'?)