Another project I'm involved in is a little site called The Write Stuff: Creativity Unleashed. My friend Darren and I love to write, and we think this site will appeal to writers of all types. The purpose of the site is to practice writing by adding on to serialized stories. Anyone can contribute, and they have a choice of many stories to contribute to. Please check out the site. Listed below are the stories now open and a brief synopsis. Why don't you give Creativity Unleashed a try? It's loads of fun!!


#1. We're No Angels:
A group of women stumble into a mystery involving strippers in a bar.

#2. This one is currently untitled:
Lisa went to the airport to meet a friend. Instead, she meets someone who wants her dead.

#3. Robin's Nest:
Katalla's brother is arrested for a crime that she's sure he didn't commit. To find out what's going on, she decides to follow him and his jailers.

#4. This one is also untitled:
Brandon is depressed because his girlfriend has left him. He's sure his life is over.

#5. The Truth About Mr. Smithers:
Someone was murdered in the old Smithers house but nobody has found out who did it. Jill, Maggie, Kirk, and Colin decide it's just about time somebody did.

#6. Give Me Wings:
What would you do if suddenly you grew wings?

#7. Another that is still untitled:
Imagine you are in bed when suddenlty you hear a shot. When you go to investigate, you find your sister with a gun and a man on the floor in a pool of blood...

#8. Assassin Nation:
Calvin is sent to get rid of a rogue agent. The only problem is, it just happens to be the person he admires above all others.

#9. This one is untitled too:
Five women, each with unique powers, call a council of war.

#10. Brutal:
A man had to watch the woman he loved be murdered by a lunatic with a knife. And now, he has to watch that same lunatic walk out of jail a free man.

#11. Untitled:
A group of cousins are brought together and told that they were appointed a task by their late grandmother.

#12. Drawing a Blank:
A teenager falls asleep and class. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has no memory of who he is.

#13. The Bowler:
This one's about bowling and magic. It's a winning combination.

#14. Untitled:
Sometimes heroes aren't who you'd expect.

#15. Untitled:
911 gets a call from a boy claiming that he's killed his father.