Remington Steele

Remington Steele was a great show that ran in the 1980s. It was so great that people are still getting addicted to it in reruns (just ask my eleven year old cousin who started watching it over March/Spring Break.) The show centres around a female private detective who believes hardily in the old addage "If you can't beat them, join them." Unable to drum up clients in the male dominated PI profession, Laura invents a superior--a decidedly masculine superior. It's all going well until...a flesh and blood man decides to become Reminton Steele. If you like the show or if you just wandered in here looking for something to read, please feel free to read the following. I hope you enjoy them. Feedback is always welcome.

(Remington Steele and its characters do not belong to me. These stories are not for profit, only for fun.)

Steele Dreaming (Rated PG)
After a humongous fight, Laura once more doubts Remington's commitment to her. Then, she has the strangest dream...

Steele Missing You (Rated PG)
What happens when Laura's father returns?

The Ballad of Laura Holt (Rated G)
A song from Laura's thoughts

The Ballad of Remington Steele(Rated G)
A Song from Remington's thoughts.