The Ballad of Remington Steele

I was born alone and I'll die alone
At least I thought so
Until today
A child on the run and isolated
A frightened child still
Now more than ever
With the promise of forever
Oh, what am I going to do?

I spent my life living lies
And being a face with many names
But now, despite myself, it seems a name has stuck
Steele, Remington Steele's the name
And I don't think that will change

Beautiful and rich
I've loved them all
But there's been a hole deep inside
How can you love when you've never been loved
And how can you trust when
Everyone you've ever trusted has broken what's left of your heart

So, I locked it away
Never dreaming the day
Would come when I'd give it--
But that was before her

A homeless drifter
A liar and a theif
I've seen and done it all
I stole jewels in Mexico and paintings in France
I've posed as a prince, boxed my way across South America, and escaped death
Too many times to count

I'm an artist with such talent
But I gave it all up
For the chance, for the promise
That lay in her eyes

Passed from person to person like some kind of bomb
Escaped to the streets, they became a home
I saw things there that will haunt me forever
And without Daniel's help, I'd be there still--or dead

What was it about her that called out to me?
Was its omething inside me dying to break free?
No one has ever affected me this way
And I swore they never would
But here I am with Laura
And I can't run away
So I guess this is it
Here the wanderer will stay

Remington Steele is my name
A typewriter, imagine that
I've assumed it like the others
But this one is different
Laura never looked at them this way
Not Paul, not Michael, not Douglas, not Richard, not John
Just Steele, Remington Steele
And that's who I am
Who was I before?
Just Remington Steele who didn't know his name

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